Boldstart Technology & Innovation
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Boldstart AI Services & Consultancy

Boldstart helps companies maximise their innovation potential through a range of niché AI technology consultancy and delivery services. We work in a blend of ‘lean’, agile and responsive methodologies that delivers success quickly and efficiently.


We are a collective of experts in our given field of technology that come together to build success driven  projects for Startups, SMEs and Enterprises looking to reshape competitive advantage through digital & AI technologies.


We help you make a bold start.


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UX Design

Excellence in UI Design & User Experience is paramount. It's what sets the very best apart from the rest. From the traditional through to cutting edge Conversational UI, we're accomplished in producing exceptional experiences.

Cloud, SaaS & 'Magic' Middleware

Data is the lifeblood of any intelligent system, and that usually means multiple integrations with cloud services. Many of us pioneered Software-as-a-Service during the the late 1990s, and have hundreds of successful implementations, across all the business functions, under our belts.

Conversational UI & Chat Bots

Having worked with many of the largest companies leading the early adoption of Artificial Intelligence & Natural Language, we're excited about the future of the Conversational UI. Find out why you should be too.

Innovation Labs

Skunkworks is our forte. If you need help with your innovation labs we're here for you.

Tech Consultancy

You may just need an independent view, a sounding board, or perhaps some help setting off on an initiative. We're here to help you succeed.

Process & Service Automation

We've used a range of AI technologies to automate everything from simple QA, robo-advice in regulated industries, through to autonomous vehicles. We have a wealth of experience in Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Computer Vision and automated decisioning.


3 Great Reasons To Get In Touch

  • You have a project and may need some of our skills

Ask us about our experience in cloud, SaaS, systems integration, app dev, and UX design.

  • You’d like some independent advice or a sounding board.

We’ve assisted many companies with advise and strategies for hi-tech products, go-to-market, operations, acquisitions, and technical architectures.

  • You have an interesting idea you’d like to discuss

We’re entrepreneurs and technologists, so we’re always interested in new ideas.

Get In Touch