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When Things Go Wrong Boil It Down & Focus On Customer Desire

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When Things Go Wrong Boil It Down & Focus On Customer Desire

A recent purchasing experience reminded me how important it is to keep things simple and stay focused on delivering what your customers’ desires from you are.

Over the last few years wholesale “Uberisation” has enabled industries to evolve by taking one key customer desire (convenience) and fulfilling it with two key assets (technology & people).

I remember the BBC reporting last year on the saturation in the last mile courier industry, so it’s a tough market to earn profits from, and differentiate yourself. The key customer desire I think everyone can relate to here is ‘knowing when your parcel is going to be delivered’ (within an hour or so’s timeframe) so you’re not waiting around all day for a courier to arrive.

SMS Delivery AlertsI recently bought a few items on Amazon which led to two deliveries one via DPD, the other via Yodel. DPD sent me a text the night before delivery, and then the following morning with an ETA. This left me with productive time throughout the day, safe in the knowledge I wasn’t going to inadvertently miss my delivery. The link in the SMS even lets me track the delivery on a map so I can see if the driver is still running on schedule.


The experience with Yodel was altogether different! Without boring you with the details, it took 5 delivery ‘attempts’ as the driver on the first 4 occasions was going to the wrong house. I was also left in the dark as to when he may arrive, my only communication being updates to the delivery log after the fact (“Sorry we missed you…”).

Yodel Issues Search result

Judging by the fact Yodel continues to receive poor reviews, there’s plenty of challenges for newly appointed CEO Mike Cooper to address.

When you boil it down courier businesses need two simple assets to satisfy the customer desire, reliable people to carry out deliveries, and technology for effective communication with customers, and operational efficiency.

Getting ‘customer desire’ right makes everything else easy. The key to getting it right is keeping it simple. Happy customers are your best marketing channel and lead generation tool – the toughest aspects of any business to get right. The rest is all about maximising profit for financial success.

Fair play to Yodel customer services though for dealing with my issue via twitter, but this sort of thing must be eating away at their already thin margins.

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