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A thoroughbred pedigree in emerging technologies

“Innovation is the only way to win”
Steve Jobs

Innovation Requires A Bold Start

Boldstart DSOver the last 20 years I’ve worked at the coal face of cutting edge technologies from the early uses of NFC [Near Field Communication] for identifying animals in the 1990s, through to the SaaS revolution, and the very latest developments in Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language technologies that are driving the Conversational UI.


During that time I’ve sat on both sides of the M&A table of hi-tech start-ups, and worked with some inspirational entrepreneurs and technologists. Reconnecting with many of them now we are collectively able to provide niché technology services and consultancy to provide meaningful improvement to companies, from SMEs to Fortune 500s.


Innovation isn’t just about gadgets, it’s about adapting technology to discover new ways of doing business. True disruption comes from finding new business models through the marriage of data and technology with better user experiences. We help companies discover their innovation potential and the resources to execute disruption.


If your company is facing internal or external disruption that can be quelled through tech transformation then please get in touch, we can help. or at least steer you in the right direction.




AI Application Development

Chatbots & Conversational UI

Alexa Skills Development

Innovation Workshops




We atomise every part of our process so we can understand, define, build, test and refine every output. This enables us to rapidly iterate using a continuous feedback loop, reaching goals faster and more efficiently. Most of our projects deliver POC within a few weeks, prototype within 6 weeks and a fully functional release candidate in 10-12 weeks.


We build out projects broadly from the get go, layering complexity, simplicity and refinement with each iteration. This provides:

  • almost immediate visibility of challenges and successes
  • lower technical debt
  • responsiveness to changes with minimum delay and disruption

This approach allows us to provide a fixed price for projects and deliver on time.


Your project can join our process at any point along its journey, depending on how well developed your plans are.




Our team includes your team. We work very transparently, and you will have regular involvement in our day-to-day project discussions.


We work as a collective of experts in given fields of technology or subject matter. The Boldstart network of trusted contracting teams and individuals fuses together for projects based on expertise needed with 100% commitment to success. Our teams are selected for projects on this basis alone, as we find it delivers success every time.


Whilst we keep our teams small and nimble, previous projects have involved up to 50 individuals across eight teams on a single project.




More often than not the projects we work on involve more that one of the following areas of AI, probably because the most innovative ideas rely of exploiting the opportunities that brings.

ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition)

Speech recognition technologies for Chatbots, Virtual Assistants, Voice Enabled Applications, Alexa Skills, Google Home Actions, etc.

NLP/NLU (Natural Language Processing)

Having worked with many of the largest companies leading the early adoption of Artificial Intelligence & Natural Language, we have a long history of success in this field, particularly with regard to Conversational UI.

Machine Learning

Our experience with Machine Learning and pattern recognition from years of work in areas like, process & decision automation, autonomous vehicles, and assisted learning.

Automated Decisioning & Robotic Process Automation

Much of our work in this area has been for the FinTech industries where 'robo-advice' is becoming mainstream. We have also used these technologies as part of reporting tools to identify patterns and underlying trends in data, or make efficient decisions for process automation.

Computer Vision

From image classifiers to process automation and autonomous vehicles, our work in this area remains truly fascinating.

IoT, Near Field Communication & RFID

Whether it's home, office, or factory automation, or asset identification, supply chain efficiency or access control systems, we have been working with technologies since their inception.

A few well known tools we use:


Startups, VCs, SMEs & Enterprises in regulated and non-regulated industries.


We work under strict NDAs with all our clients (some were signed in the presence of security guards!). As some of the work we perform is patentable we are often prevented from publicising who we work with on what. We are however able to provide credible references before we begin any project.