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Conversational UX – Avoiding The ‘Trough of Disillusionment’


This breakfast briefing is designed for CxO’s looking to implement new conversational driven user experiences, or fix existing ones. If you are a CEO, COO, CPO, CMO, CIO or CTO then this briefing will help you prepare for successful implementation of conversational user experiences, whatever the use case. You’ll hear from an expert in this field with a decade of experience building a variety of conversational applications (more).


Get a deeper understanding of:

  • The tech landscape in this field
  • The common mistakes that lead to poor UX
  • Strategies for best in class UX
  • The tech, services and data strategies to suit your useage.



Voice and conversational driven user experience is gathering momentum with users, but avoiding the ‘trough of disillusionment’ for both you and your users is critical during this early stage of technology adoption.

Experienced implementation is fundamental to success, and the voice UX is a paradigm shift from other channels, much more complex than the shift from desktop to mobile. Knowing which technologies, services, and data strategies to use in the various situations will be the difference between a conversational experience that users love and an ‘IVR-style’ experience users avoid.

AGENDA – 17th January 2019



09:00am – Registration & Welcome


09:30am – Voice & Conversational Technology Landscape


10:00am – The Fundamentals of Current User Adoption


10:30am – Coffee & Comfort break


10:45am – Strategies For Successful Implementation


.                  – Handling Conversational Nuances

.                  – Supplementary Data: the what, where, when, how.

.                  – Services: Selecting the right services for the job.

.                  – The Technology Choices to support strategies


11:45am – Open Floor Q&A


12:00am – Closing, coffee, and private sessions.

LOCATION: Moorgate, Central London

Details of the next event will be available soon.