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Innovation Labs | Skunkworks

Nurturing Ideas From Within

“innovation comes from people meeting up in the hallways, or calling each other up at 10:30 at night with a new idea or because they realise something that shoots holes in how we’ve been thinking about a problem”

Steve Jobs

“Innovation Is The Only Way To Win”

Steve Jobs

Every company must innovate in order to remain competitive. The democratisation of commerce through technology is making innovation and market disruption easier to execute. Industries previously over looked and assumed to be immune from tech disruption are finding themselves turned-over by technology entrepreneurs.

AirBnB and Uber were able to disrupt entire industries through dedication and focus on an innovative idea. Whilst many companies have R&D functions, these tend to be burdened with day-to-day challenges of delivering and maintaining products, shackling freedom to innovate to the everyday needs of the business.

Lavish budgets are no longer required to drive innovation. The internet can provide all the constituent parts necessary for innovations, whether it’s data, ideas, or prototype delivery. All you need is a framework focussed on innovation.

We can help you build your innovation framework. Are you ready to make a boldstart?


Necessity is the mother of Invention. Data more often than not provides the insights for necessity, highlighting trends and topics. Data is a good starting point for innovation to drive early successes


Nurturing open and inclusive communication internally and with your customers is key for improvement. Hand in hand with data it provides the foundation for all ideas.


Focus for innovation is paramount for success. Relieving the innovation function from day-to-day R&D allows ideas to flourish.

Rapid Prototyping

The output for your Skunkworks division is prototypes. Early concepts need rapid iteration to fine tune, unshackled from process, save for an open feedback loop.



Helping Build Your Innovation Framework


Assistance selecting all the tools you need for your innovation framework


Help and assistance in bringing your innovation framework successfully together.


Need to start the ball rolling quickly? We can build out the first use case or two rapidly!