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Conversational UI | ChatBots

The Most Versatile Apps

Language is the very foundation of human communication that every person knows, whatever their understanding of technology or access to education. That makes these chatbots and NLP systems incredibly powerful for every enterprise and consumer. “

Natural Language Is The Ubiquitous UI

The interface everyone knows how to use

The Conversational UI

Building Your First Bot: 5 Considerations

Before you set off into the world of chatbots here are the top 5 things to consider.

Although chatbots have been around for decades, Apple catapulted the Conversational UI into the mainstream in 2011 with the launch of Siri on the iPhone 4S. Ever since then we have seen a resurgence of Natural Language Applications.

The trend away from call based communication towards text based messaging has assisted in the recent popularity.

These artificial intelligence bots can be as versatile as humans understanding and handling complex tasks and datasets. For many circumstances  these conversational applications provide the perfect solution in today’s ‘mobile first’ world.

From simplified ecommerce, like ordering a pizza or a taxi to more sophisticated customer service functions these applications are highly configurable and remove a range of complexity from the user that is seen in more traditional visual UIs.


There are a number of platforms on which to build these applications, with major players like Amazon Echo and IBM Watson alongside much smaller niche providers.

We’ve been in this area for 8+ years and worked with many of the best systems for some of the world’s largest tech companies.



This is currently the largest tech area we are working on at the moment, as it ties in nicely with strategies to improve customer engagement through rich data. We have built some of the most sophisticated bots available and would welcome hearing of any ideas you have planned in this area.

Bots: Thoughts, Info & Ideas

Read more about our thoughts, information and ideas around the conversational UI

Alexa Skills Development

Need an Alexa Skill Developed - Let's have a conversation.

Get a quick independent view of this emerging technology landscape before you make your boldstart – get in touch

Bots - Great Uses
More Immersive Console Gaming

Adding Bot tech to console games can bring characters to live and make games more immersive (see info above)

Simplify Commerce & Customer Service

From ordering pizza and taxis to more sophisticated transactions Bots can simplify commerce transactions. Bots can be configured to manage complex customer service needs, acting as a great first line support.

IoT & Human > Machine Interface

Bots can manage both machine to machine interfaces, and human to machine interfaces

New Ideas & Services

We're currently working on a few projects breaking new ground for clients.

Bots - Great Benefits
Build Once - Deploy n+ (Platform Agnostic)

Because this is server side deployment that requires very little client side implementation you build it once and use it simultaneously across all channels (Apps, Twitter, Facebook, SMS, website, etc.). No Fancy APIs needed.

Updates On-The-Fly

With little, if any, Client side application, updates to intelligence are instantaneous. Eliminate the need for users to require downloads

Unparalleled User Insights

Analytics of natural language data from your application provides unparalleled levels of insight into users' sentiment, and their use of your application. You'll discover things you never knew before providing even greater opportunities to engage in positive dialog.



Over the last decade we’ve built numerous bots, virtual assistants, Alexa Skills, Google Assistant Actions and conversational UIs. Here’s a small selection of the type of functions they perform.



Cross Platform Virtual Assistant:

Indigo (now rebranded as Lyra) was built by some of our team. This virtual assistant resides on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and browsers. Lyra is also capable of handing off a conversation from one device to another.



Flight Booking Bot:

Built to allow corporate staff to search for and book flights in line with a set of corporate policies.


Alexa Skills:

We’ve built numerous skills from the simple information skills to more complex, personalised skills that require user authentication and integrations.



Multi-Person Negotiating Bot:

This bot is clever enough to handle multiple conversations at once on a particular subject, eg. negotiating a sales transaction between two or more people.


On Device Bot:

Sometimes hosting a solution in the cloud isn’t a viable option and you need to host much of the application on the device. We have a few examples of this.


‘In Game’ Bot:

We worked with a console gaming studio to produce a bot that sits within a game allowing the players to interact with the game characters making the experience more immersive.



Helping You Build Your Conversational Application


Assistance selecting all the tools you need for your bot or conversational UI


Conversational UX design that engages customers and leverages the full potential of these AI & NLP technologies.


Consultancy, and end-to-end conversational application development, leveraging AI technologies, your own systems, and infrastructure for compelling applications.


Need to start the ball rolling quickly? We can build out the first use case or two rapidly!